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Milano, February 2015 – proudly announces the nominees for the Third Edition of Awards, a prize aimed to recognize the best film and television scores released last year both in Italy and the rest of the world.


Following the great success of the two previous editions (which recognized, among others, composers Ennio Morricone, John Williams and Howard Shore), gives to its readers and followers the chance to vote for their own favorites film and television scores of 2014.

As in last year's competition, the Award is structured in 6 categories: Best Music for an Italian Film, Best Italian Composer of the Year, Best Music for an Italian Television Series Or Mini-Series (a.k.a. “Fiction”), Best Original Song for an Italian Film, Best Music for a Foreign Film, Best Foreign Composer of the Year.

All the works produced and released in Italy during the year 2014 have been taken into consideration (for foreign films, the release in country of origin).'s staff editors selected the candidates and, after an internal voting ballot, they picked 12 nominations for both “Best Music for an Italian Film” and “Best Music for a Foreign Film”, 8 nominations for “Best Music for Italian Television Series”, 4 nominations for “Best Original Song for an Italian Film” and 6 nominees for both “Best Italian Composer of the Year” e “Best Foreign Composer of the Year”.'s first aim is to have a selection of candidates that truly express the variety and eclectism of the scores produced for film and television during the year 2014, which again proved to be various and multifaceted. As for Italian composers, we find a selection that mixes both well-known names and emerging authors: the legendary Pino Donaggio gets his second Award nomination for the film La buca, Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi (awarded last year in the Best Song category) are nominated for their work in Manetti Brothers' Song'e Napule, while Umberto Scipione (last year's winner in the Best Music for an Italian Film category) wins his second Award nomination for Carlo Verdone's sophisticated comedy Sotto una buona stella. The other nominees in the category Best Music for an Italian Film are Pasquale Catalano (Allacciate le cinture), Carlo Virzì (Il capitale umano), Francesco Cerasi (I nostri ragazzi) and also newcomers Pericle Odierna (Il leone di vetro), Alexander Cimini (Red Krokodil), Giordano Corapi (Take Five), the band Deproducers (for Gabriele Salvatores' documentary Italy in a Day), Maurizio Filardi (Tutta colpa di Freud) and the duo Alessandro Forti & Francesco De Luca (La madre).

In the category Best Music for an Italian TV Series Or Mini-Series (aka “Fiction”), the band Mokadelic is nominated for their work in the acclaimed television series Gomorra, while Stefano Lentini and Stefano Caprioli get both a double nomination, respectively for Braccialetti rossi and Non è mai troppo tardi, and I segreti di Borgo Larici and Furore. Giovanni Rotondo (Il giudice meschino), Savio Riccardi (Rudolph Valentino - La Leggenda) and the duo Forti & De Luca (L'oro di Scampia) complete the list of the category.

Among the foreigners, French composer Alexandre Desplat packs a wallop with three nominations in the category Best Music for a Foreign Film for his very diverse scores Godzilla, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Monuments Men. Desplat's particularly fruitful year is also recognized with the nomination for Best Foreign Composer of the Year. Among the other nominees are very high profile composers such as Hans Zimmer (Interstellar), James Newton Howard (Maleficent), John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon 2), Howard Shore (for the third chapter of The Hobbit and subsequent nomination no. 3 for Shore to Award), Alan Silvestri (Night at the Museum 3) and Marco Beltrami (Snowpiercer), as well as the emerging new talent Gary Yershon (Mr. Turner). Among the nominees in the category for Best Music for a Foreign Film there are also two of our countrymen: Academy Award winner Dario Marianelli (The Boxtrolls) and upcoming talent Kristian Sensini, nominated for the score to the Latvian animated film Rocks In My Pockets.

Everyone can vote their own favorite scores and composers among the nominees from now until Sunday, March 1, 2015. On that day, voting will be closed and winners will be announced shortly afterward.

We hope to see again numerous voters and participants. Award is rapidly becoming Italy's most important recognition for film & tv music. And remember, dear followers, that YOU will decide who will be the winner! Award is a property of The staff writers/editors are Massimo Privitera, Maurizio Caschetto, Alessio Coatto, Giuliano Tomassacci, Pietro Rustichelli, Luca Villari and Roberto Pugliese.

Full List of Nominees for the 3rd Edition of Awards:


Allacciate le cinture – Pasquale Catalano
La buca – Pino Donaggio
Il capitale umano – Carlo Virzì
Italy in a Day – Deproducers
Il leone di vetro – Pericle Odierna
La madre – Francesco De Luca & Alessandro Forti
I nostri ragazzi – Francesco Cerasi
Red Krokodil – Alexander Cimini
Song'e Napule – Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi
Sotto una buona stella – Umberto Scipione
Take Five – Giordano Corapi
Tutta colpa di Freud – Maurizio Filardo


Pasquale Catalano
Giordano Corapi
Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi
Pino Donaggio
Umberto Scipione


“Io credo, io penso, io spero”, from the film Blackout – Performed by Antonella Ruggiero, Music by Marco Testoni, Lyrics by Edoardo De Angelis
“Tutta colpa di Freud”, from the film Tutta colpa di Freud – Written and Performed by Daniele Silvestri
“Sotto una buona stella”, from the film Sotto una buona stella – Performed by Michele Bravi, Music and Lyrics by Federico & Francesco Zampaglione
“A’ verità”, from the film Song’e Napule – Performed by Franco Ricciardi, Music by Francesco Liccardo and Rosario Castagnola, Lyrics by Francesco Liccardo, Sarah Tartuffo, Alessandro Nelson Garofalo


Braccialetti rossi – Stefano Lentini
Furore: Il vento della speranza – Stefano Caprioli
Il giudice meschino
– Giovanni Rotondo
Gomorra – Mokadelic
Non è mai troppo tardi – Stefano Lentini
L'oro di Scampia – Francesco De Luca & Alessandro Forti
Rodolfo Valentino: La leggenda – Savio Riccardi
I segreti di Borgo Larici – Stefano Caprioli


The Boxtrolls – Dario Marianelli
Godzilla – Alexandre Desplat
The Grand Budapest Hotel – Alexandre Desplat
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Howard Shore
How To Train Your Dragon 2 – John Powell
Interstellar – Hans Zimmer
Maleficent – James Newton Howard
The Monuments Men – Alexandre Desplat
Mr. Turner – Gary Yershon
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – Alan Silvestri
Rocks In My Pockets – Kristian Sensini
Snowpiercer – Marco Beltrami


Marco Beltrami
Alexandre Desplat
James Newton Howard
John Powell
Alan Silvestri
Hans Zimmer

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